From the leading visionary pioneering minds that brought Ancient Indian history /mythology to the forefront of the Comics market & entertainment world in India comes another India’s first: the very first Hindu God Action Figure in the world !

Based on the critically acclaimed Comic series “Moksha”and featuring over 26 points of articulation,means you can pose in in anyways you want to even a flying pose ! Also supported by a very stable world class back support stand this beautiful 5 inch figure of Lord Hanuman/the mighty Vayputra is made to be marveled and terrified and impressed by! Holding his mighty Gada(Mace) , with his royal Mukut Bajrangbali is perfect standout in every collectors shelf or every child’s toy cabinet or even your work desk!

Hanuman comes with one spectacular accessory : one very detailed made to perfection Gada(Mace) weapon .A great feature of this figure is the ability to feature it in multiple poses like:

  • The Warrior Pose – Standing with feet apart straight at the knees and holding the Gada(Mace) in both hands which is supported on his shoulder.
  • The Flying pose  – You can make Hanumanji fly totally !!
  • Leaping Pose -Ahh enuff said ! No more Descriptions see the image below !!

Do not lose this opportunity to pick up this One if a kind Hanuman figure soon because it is limited edition and exclusive to Vimanika only. Our limited run of production on this figure also makes it a highly sought after soon-to-be-rare item!

3.Date of launch 10th Oct though we will deliver to all Pre Order client 3 days before launch date .

4.MRP 3,999 INR

5.Special customer Pre-Order price – 3499 INR only !!

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